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How To Make A Claim


Notify us as soon as practical. By alerting us of a potential claim early it allows us to provide advice and direction to mitigate loss or even review the policy to check on adequacy of cover. Some policies are on a Claims made basis meaning early notification is paramount.
Provide as much detail as possible. We are lodging and managing the claim for you so please give us all the details including:
  • Date and time of loss
  • Where did it occur
  • What occurred
  • Summary of damage
  • Idea of costs
  • Any witnesses
  • Any injuries or emergency repairs required
  • Any action taken to mitigate further loss
We will then liaise with the relevant insurers to appoint assessors or arrange repair quotes. Often we can complete the claim ourselves if with particular insurers and if the claim meets their criteria.

At settlement we can arrange for a cheque payment, EFT or repairs to be authorised.
Our role within your business in regards to claims is our key service. We assist you in understanding the process and what to expect, even if this means no claim is payable. We can help implement policy changes or other risk procedures to help reduce the frequency of claims which can have a negative effect on your premiums.
Finally if a claim does go off the rails we know the procedure to go through if you wish to dispute the claim. Whether this be preparing a submission to an insurers Internal Disputes Resolution (IDR) service or further disputes through the Financial Ombudsman, we understand the procedure and talk you through it, further negotiating with the key people in the insurance companies to seek a satisfactory outcome.