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Referrer Partnerships

The Value of Insurance Brokers to Customers:
Insurance Brokers offer a customer value proposition that entails choice, expertise and convenience. This manifests itself in product and service transparency and often a good customer experience during the insurance buying journey. This CVP is particularly valued by customer segments that place an emphasis on face to face interactions that take the hassle out of the process and those who are less confident with the process.
With Insurance Brokers writing almost half of the business written, this opportunity is rapidly increasing with this new found consumer confidence.

Opportunities for Mortgage Brokers to refer to Equitisure:
Do you want to add General Insurance to your core business to create a diversified and successful Mortgage & Finance Business without the hassle of accreditation and training?

Opportunities for Accountants & Financial Planners to refer to Equitisure:
If you are an Accountant or a Financial Planner and you don't have the skills and time to write the business yourself, then Equitsure can assist you by adding another dimension to your business.

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